Vision Statement

IP&E is a local company with global reach and will be known for its robust financial performance and undying commitment to enhance customer value. It will lead the Micronesian petroleum industry by providing the highest quality products and services and consistently ensuring sustainable solutions to its customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees.

Mission Statement

IP&E provides world class petroleum products and services to Micronesia and builds its shareholder value through its dedication to quality, safety, and legendary customer service thereby making it the preferred choice of its customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees.

Our Values

  • Quality-Oriented: Our focus is the delivery of a quality product above everything else.
  • Socially and Environmentally Conscious
  • IP&E is committed to safety, sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship in support of the company.
  • Entrepreneurial and Fiscally Responsible: Entrepreneurial in approach but always practicing cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Customer-Oriented: Providing top-tier customer service while remaining the employer of choice in the industry.

Our Commitment to the Region

Building a sustainable future regionwide by fueling industry and government with the highest quality petroleum products and services available anywhere.

Our People & Organization

IP&E is and will remain an employer of choice throughout the region.

Our Commitment to Safety

IP&E is committed to a culture of safety. We demonstrate safety as a value and remain alert to expect the unexpected. We understand what to do in the case of an emergency and are always looking for new ways to make the workplace safer.

Our Commitment to the Environment

IP&E was first to market with the lowest emission diesel fuel in the industry, and remains committed to the sustainable development of the fragile ecosystems of the Western Pacific. Recycling, providing fuels that clean your engine and supporting the community to beautify the island are part of who we are as a company.

Our Commitment to the Community

IP&E is a good neighbor and good citizen in every community it serves. IP&E commits a portion of its revenues back to the community to support worthy causes such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam, Haso Guam, Palau National Olympic Committee, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and numerous grassroots organizations.

Military Buildup - Preparing for the Future

IP&E is the premium petroleum marketer in the North Pacific fully capable of fulfilling your fuel, fleet, lubricant, marine, aviation, commercial and LPG requirements.